We provide safe and resourceful learn spaces with ICT facilities to promote digital education, literacy, creativity, accessibility and ability. The focus is to build a child of 8 to 18 years to become the next generation ICT user in the transformation culture of a smart Zambia.

Jac-StartUp & Innovation

We facilitate the development of innovative businesses and their transformation into viable Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs). We also create linkages to other tech hubs and accelerators to support research, design and development. In addition, we provide solutions that create new and incremental benefits to stakeholders.


Jac-Lifestyle explores and promotes the concept of social entrepreneurship, which is the idea of using business to solve major social and environmental problems. We explore all social aspects of our young entrepreneurs by creating programs that appeal to our target age group; the young and energetic.  

Jac - Mentor

Jac Mentor is a free offline and online mentoring platform that connects ambitious entrepreneurs and business leaders globally and can be accessed via a web-based platform and a mobile application that’s available on iOS and Android. Jac Mentor enables ambitious and aspiring entrepreneurs to connect with peers and business leaders globally.

One Kwacha Fund

The one Kwacha Fund creates a platform on which everyone is able to make a difference no matter the size of their bank account. Individuals can donate a minimum of K1 every month towards causes that Jacaranda Hub has identified

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