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The StartUp Journal is a bi-monthly digital and print publication offering insight and knowledge into the business ecosystem in Zambia and across the continent. Our segments Include; Financial IQ, Entrepreneurship, StartUp, Investment, Business IQ, Development News, Legal Insights, Technology, Fashion, Arts and Culture.

StartUp Journal V.1

Genesis is borrowed from the  Latin word ‘Genesis’ (Generation, Nativity), from Ancient Greek ‘γένεσις’ (Origin, Source, Beginning, Nativity, Generation, Production, Creation), and from Proto-Indo-European *génh,tis (Birth, Production).

All life and all things have a beginning. The dream to create a Journal was born out of passion and the desire to create something powerful and useful. At the time, I had just started my business and access to vital information seemed rather impossible. I struggled to identify and access opportunities and best practices. This provoked my thinking and gave me the urge to create a platform that would offer the tools, skills and information i needed to start out…

StartUp Journal V.2

Africanisation, making something African, possibly lit. The state or process of applying African attributes to someone or something. In other words internalizing Africa’s nuances into something else. 

The coming of colonialism to Africa, would arguably be referred to as the beginning of an era of civilization for the continent. Despite the education or literacy that came with colonialism, for most, this is an era of oppression and the creation of a force identity for Africa. Several scholars and writers believe Africa’s education, economic system or even the culture in both the pre and post-colonial era still embraces the colonial ruler’s identity. To this effect the concept of Áfricanisation’ has been a growing 1…

“If You Are Working On Something That You Really Care About, You Don’t Have To Be Pushed. The Vision Pulls You.”

Steve Jobs

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